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Season 3 finds nathan fielder bringing his boldest ideas yet to americas small businesses. Nathan s business plans are more elaborate and ingenious than ever in season 4 as he helps a local cab company combat uber, makes a computer repair service more trustworthy and. The last of the 32 episodes of nathan for you aired on november 9, 2017. Comedy central announces the end of nathan for you vice. The crew of nathan for you screens the owners through a casting process, vetting them to check that they dont know the show is a comedy. If you like incredibly stupid, yet extremely funny shows, give it a go. Most recent, most popular, season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4. In a deleted scene from season four of nathan fielders comedy central show nathan for you, nathan attends a college football game with. Probably the strongest season yet for nathan for you, as its as innovative and thoughtful as ever. The first nathan for you season 4 trailer from comedy central has. In a reddit ama, nathan fielder said, often in the casting process well encounter business owners that have lots. During the twohour season finale of nathan for you, which aired earlier this month, nathan fielder finds himself somewhere in arkansas, out on a date with an escort named maci.

In series 4 nathan offers more unusual marketing advice to various small. Nathan for you is one of the best shows on this century. Nathan teaches an international exporter how to ship smoke alarms taxfree. Nathan for you on comedy central is the best reality tv show. And while nathan s efforts may not always succeed, they always have big results. Watch nathan for you streaming online hulu free trial. Last week, nathan fielders nathan for you returned for the fourth season of outlandish antics, kicking off with a characteristically elaborate plot to bring fame to a failing diner by hiring a midtier celebrity impersonator to leave a colossal tip. Anthony napoli and nathan revisit some of the people the show has helped, including a. The wesleyan argus nathan for you kicks off season 4. Nathan for you finale, my new favorite love story the new yorker.

I wanted to share some detailed spoilery thoughts on the finale and the season as a whole. Nathan for you gets fourth season from comedy central. Uber perfectly blends the awkwardness we love and lolfunny moments to create one of the funniest episodes to date. Nathan for you nathan fielder is a business advisor who implements strategies that no traditional consultant would dare attempt. On october 17, 2018, comedy central announced the show will not return for a fifth season. My friend knows im a big nathan for you fan so he sent me this tik tok. We respect nathans decision to end the series and look forward to geeking out over his next project. Nathan for you get season 2 on youtube advertisement. Watch nathan for you online full episodes of season 4 to. Episode 7 itself that involved a california computer repair business and a psychic trying an outlandish way to drum up more business definitely symbolized a strong marketing parody. Nathan finds a new use for smoke detectors on a clever nathan for you. The show evolved out of segments on the canadian news satire series this hour has 22 minutes titled nathan on your side, wherein fielder played a consumer advocate. Call nathan fielder comedian and canadas best business mind for his brilliantly skewed advice. I wish there were more than 2seasons because i can relate to his humor which is hard to say about other slap stick comedies.

The comedy central app has full episodes of your favorite. Nathan fielders propensity to help people through his absurdist character always leads to the. Errol morris calls the nathan for you season 4 finale his new favorite love story. Nathan helps a computer repair shop earn the publics trust, and a psychics marketing turns personal. Finding frances, the season 4 finale of the comedy central series nathan for you, from the canadian comedian nathan fielder, is my new favorite exploration of love.

Nathan for you finding frances tv episode 2017 imdb. Nathan for you season 4, episode 5 shipping logistics. Nathan for you kicks off season 4 by celebrating nathans. Nathan for yous twohour finale lives up to the hype with. Nathan for you failed business ideas extended duration. Nathan for you, the offbeat reality series in which comedian nathan fielder offers unorthodox success strategies to struggling people and businesses, has been renewed for a fourth season.

Nathan for you was created by comedian nathan fielder and writer michael koman. Does seem on the low end, but it cant cost thaaaaaat much to produce when it run by someone who went to business school and got really good grades. Logos, signage, even verbal mention of a company name can be considered a trade out, which networks or executive producers usually determine the value of. Nathan s business plans are more elaborate and ingenious than ever in season 4 as he helps a local cab company combat uber, makes a computer repair service. I admit that so far i have only watched episode 7 of season 4 of nathan for you and plan to watch the remaining episodes by the end of this year andor sooner. Start your free trial to watch nathan for you and other popular tv shows and.

On july 25, 2017, fielder announced via twitter that the fourth season would premiere on september 28, 2017, with a onehour special entitled nathan for you. The nathan for you season 4 finale finding frances shook the show to its core one of my favorite things about nathan for you is how it can reinvent itself episode to episode. Nathan for you series comedy central official site. Sometimes its a small business fixerupper show, sometimes its a character study of loneliness and awkwardness, and sometimes separate episodes just fall. This is a place to post and discuss nathan for you, which will be airing its second season on comedy central this spring. Nathan attempts to help a bill gates impersonator reunite with his longlost love. Or it would have if this was any other show on television. Speaking of motivation most people appearing on tv get an appearance fee. The hype for finding frances, the twohour season finale of nathan for you was intense, and it seemed insurmountable. Whether its creating a coffee shop called dumb starbucks, inventing a pooflavored yogurt or staging an elaborate video where a pig saves a goat, no idea is too daring.

Nathan fielder is a business advisor who implements strategies that no traditional consultant would dare attempt. Nathan for you pop culture news, movie, tv, music and. Nathan for you season 4 i came out a believer, molly lamberts grantland piece from 2014, remains the closest thing to a proper, thorough accounting of the lasting impact of nathan for you on. The nathan for you season 4 finale finding frances. Academy award winning film director errol morris called the season 4 finale, finding frances, unfathomably great. Nathan for you season 4 episode 4 the anecdote watch. Season 4 ep 3 10122017 nathan reteams with an old client to enlist several disgruntled taxi drivers for a plot to sabotage ubers business from the inside. By working with an exterminator, nathan plans a way to spray a hotel for bedbugs without alerting any of the guests to the infestation.

Nathan 4 you is an excellent comedy reality show and there is nothing else on t. Although nathan fielder plays a character, nathan for you works to ensure that storeowners and customers are not aware of this fact. Nathans business plans are more elaborate and ingenious than ever in season 4 as he helps a local cab company combat uber, makes a computer repair. You will be helpless putty in the hands of this master entertainer as he guides you. Nathan for you dumb starbucks legal advice duration. A bill gates impersonator gets help reuniting with his longlost love.

It might be a few hundred dollars or more depending on celebrity status. In a special episode hosted by anthony napoli, nathan checks in with former guests of the show, including brian wolfe and the ghost realtor. Please feel free to discuss any nathan fielder topics, because this is the only subreddit geared towards him. Errol morris on the season 4 finale of nathan for you, the comedy central series from the canadian comedian nathan fielder. On december 10, 2015, variety announced that comedy central had picked up the show for a fourth season. If nathan fielder is going to come with a full crew of people and filminterview you, you should be getting paid for the day or you should be getting some kind of advertising through the show. Nathan for you is an american docureality comedy television series starring comedian nathan. As much as nathan fielders surreal format borrows from the small business makeover reality subgenre, nathan for you has never fully incorporated the wherearetheynow segment shows like.

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