O ring vs x ring drive chains pdf

The oring chains are the modern drive chains consists of a rubber o ring placed between the chain plates. Ek 530 zvx3 motorcycle chain is incredibly strong and can handle up to 300 horsepower. The xring design is similar to the oring design in almost every way, except, to increase the efficiency of the chain, the design was altered to an x style ring where the contact point of the ring would only be on four points. The xring chain is developed from oring chain which in turn is developed from nonoring chain. The initial sealing is achieved by the diametrical squeeze in a right angled groove. The reason racers use nonsealed chain is because the oring or xring causes additional power robbing friction and for a racer that can be the difference between first and second.

Take a look around any dealership floor, bike night parking lot or race paddock. In this video we takie a brief look at the difference between each chain type and what effect this has on the life of your chain. The vt2 chain is narrower than other ring chains for use on bikes not design for the wider o ring chains. The system pressure itself creates a positive sealing force. These orings are fitted in between chain plates to seal the already vacuum filled grease between the rollers and the other internal components of chain. As previously mentioned there is an adjustment after the first ride and then very few after that, seems i go thru tires and brakes faster than the need to adjust the chains. Whats the difference between oring and xring chains. Chains are not only cheap and reliable, theyre the most efficient form of final drive for a motorcycle. When you boil it down, chains come in two varieties. Learn all about the ins and outs of motorcycle drive chains, including how to tell if your chain is sealed or not and the difference between x ring and o ring. Its o ring design keeps it running smooth for years. Should you get an x ring, o ring or regular chain as your next replacement.

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